Grassroots Reachout and Networking in India on Trade and Economics (GRANITE) Phase II, Second National Seminar

Several steps have been taken in NFTP, 2004-09, to enhance labour intensive Indian exports to major markets but many Indian producers (especially small producers) are mostly unaware of these issues. Moreover, the policy has not been adopted on the basis of wide consultation with the larger affected stakeholder community or systematic social impact analyses. Given the background, CUTS has organised its second national seminar under GRANITE Phase II project in Kolkata on the 29 October 2009. The consultation provided a coherent platform to review the content and implementation of NFTP, 2004-09 and to thereby generate forward looking recommendations for the implementation of NFTP 2009-14. The consultation also reviewed the processes used to formulate NFTP 2009-14, especially in regard to the extent of stakeholder participation.Backgrounder