Grahoker Mukho-Mukhi

CUTS with the support of the Calcutta Electric Supply Corporation Ltd (CESC) is working on a project entitled, “Grahoker Mukho-Mukhi”. The name of the project, inspired by a common Bengali expression, translates into “Face to Face with Consumers”. The main objective of the initiative is to create a platform for one to one interaction between consumers and the service provider, CESC, with an aim to ultimately help consumers with their problems, grievances and hence improve service delivery.

Under the project CUTS has been organising consumer camps in liaison with local clubs, CSOs & VCOs in Kolkata and it suburbs that comprises the supply area for CESC. The initiative aims to reach out to all consumer categories, viz. domestic, commercial and industrial. Initially 50 such camps are to be organised in different areas of the city. The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Assisting consumers with basic queries about electricity supply, new & temporary connections, information on relevant offices & officials, safety issues etc.
  • Providing consumers an opportunity to interact with CESC officials and get their grievances redressed.
  • Function as a platform for a two way communication process between consumers & CESC. CESC officials will gain a better understanding of the issues at the consumer level and consumers will have better understanding of the macro issues in service delivery that faces the utility.
  • Collation of area-wise critical issues to be forwarded to CESC officials
  • Highlight the need for energy conservation in the broader rubric of climate change

The project is expected to contribute towards the following:

  • Putting in place a ready channel for two way communication between urban consumers and CESC.
  • Improved consumer interface for CESC and hence higher consumer satisfaction
  • Higher awareness and understanding amongst consumers about their rights and responsibilities.
  • Greater awareness and action on energy saving

Interim Report