Consumer Broadband Labels: For Greater Transparency & Informed Consumers


CUTS CCIER implemented a project in select states in India titled “Consumer Broadband Labels: For Greater Transparency & Informed Consumers”. Overall objective of the project was to create a network of consumer groups and other stakeholders and to increase their long-term capacity/awareness on broadband services and related issues pertaining to broadband services and need for nutrition label in order to bring about certain policy and practice changes.

CUTS CRC partnered CUTS CCIER in organising a seminar on ‘Information Disclosure for Broadband Services Empowering Informed Choices in the 4G Era’ at Kolkata on May 16, 2018. CUTS International also collaborated with The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries (BCC&I) and Deepalaya in organising the seminar.

Overall objective of the seminar was to deliberate and create awareness on issues pertaining to broadband services. In addition, the workshop also aimed at creating a discourse for developing labels for broadband services so that it becomes easier for consumers to choose the service that is best suited to their need. The seminar witnessed discussions on the various issues pertaining to Quality of Broadband Services, need for labels, and How to strengthen and popularise the broadband labels developed by CUTS International.

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