BIA: An awareness program on the topic ‘Cyber Security for Business’

Navrashtra Media, December 17, 2021

Vijay Shankar: Patna :: Increasing new forms and threats of cyber-crime and how to avoid those dangers, in order to make the general public, especially the entrepreneurs, traders associated with industry and commerce sector, on this subject, Bihar Industries Association organized Cyber Security under the joint aegis of Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) International and Consulate General, Kolkata on Friday. Organized an awareness program on the subject of Business in its courtyard. The program was inaugurated by Shri Pradeep Kumar, Director, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute, Patna. In his inaugural address, Kumar, while highlighting the contribution of MSME sector industries to the economy, said that although MSMEs are contributing significantly to the economy of any country or state, it is also a harsh truth that the industries of MSME sector are involved in various industries and facing all kinds of challenges. Cyber-crime is also presenting a new challenge before the industries of MSME sector. In the last one year, about 74 percent units of MSME sector have faced cyber -crime. The industry in the MSME sector has neither the resources nor the technical capability to meet the challenges of cyber-crime. Therefore, it is necessary that the industries of MSME sector should work very carefully. In view of protecting MSMEs from the challenges of cyber-crime, the government is reflective and it can be expected that soon a policy like a security cover to protect the industries of MSME sector from cyber-crime will be made available by the government. On this occasion, during the discussion, he also gave some tips to the industries of MSME sector to avoid cyber-crime.

In the technical session of the program, Arnab Ganguly, Policy Analyst, CUTS International, Alok Tripathi, NIELET Bihar, Mr. Saket Kumar Jha, Project Engineer, C-DAC, Samrat Chakraborty, Project Engineer, Software Technology Park of India – Patna, Embassy of USA – First Secretary for Public Affairs, New Delhi Mr. Eugene Bae elaborated on the topic and informed and made people aware about the different types of cyber-crimes, the ways to expose them and the precautions to be taken for prevention. In the technical session, it emerged that there are cyber-attacks on about 30 thousand websites in India every day.

At the beginning of the program, the Vice President of the Association, Shri Arvind Kumar Singh welcomed the experts and participants who came to participate in the program, while Mukesh Kumar,Chairman, IT & ITeS & Service Sub-Committee gave a keynote address on the subject, while the forum was conducted by the Treasurer of the Association, Manish Kumar Tiwari. A large number of association members were present on the occasion.

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